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Roof Cleaning

Clean your roof instead of replacing your roof

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Roof Cleaning Service Overview

Due to the warm humid, environment of the Florida area climate as well as large amounts of shaded areas created by trees combined with afternoon rains, algae, mold and mildew growth accumulates quickly and easily on the roof. The algae, which grows like a plant, begins as small, ugly black stains that evolve and grow into streaks, and eventually overtake the entire roof. It then becomes impossible to discern the original color of the shingle or tile. Most people routinely replace their roof every 7-15 years because cleaning and maintenance is seldom applied to the roof.

Why Choose Us

Garnett Pressure Washing is committed to keeping your roof properly cleaned and maintained, following recommended guidelines of the manufacturer. In addition to maintaining the natural color of the roof over time, we help you obtain the maximum life efficiency of each tile and shingle, which is 20 to 30 years in most cases. We will save you thousands of dollars by not prematurely replacing the roof. We do not use a pressure washer for cleaning which can be harmful to the roof. Instead we use a Soft Wash cleaning method and solution as prescribed by the Roofing Manufactures Association Guidelines. This mean’s that your roof is cleaned safely, with no risk of damage.

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