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Classic Touch Solutions is fully committed to helping you make a positive first impression upon potential clients, residents, and customers, who see the outside of your building as a direct reflection of the inside. You only get one chance at a first impression, so let us help you greatly improve the appearance of your facility by restoring the look back to “like new” original colors and conditions.


Once Classic Touch Solutions provides a complete and thorough cleaning of the exterior surfaces of your home, your neighbors will notice and appreciate the difference, you will enjoy the new look personally every time you arrive back home, and your extended family members and friends will surely notice when they visit. In addition, the property value of your home will improve, the need for repairs or repainting will be greatly reduced, and you’ll be ready for relocation if that opportunities arises.

Home Owner Associations

Homeowners associations can trust Classic Touch Solutions with larger projects because we have the professional grade equipment and expertise to clean all types of surfaces that might include brick, siding, stone, wood, vinyl and many other surfaces with the proper level of pressure so that surface damage does not occur.

Roof Cleaning

Let Classic Touch Solutions save you thousands of dollars in premature roof replacement costs by providing regular cleaning and maintenance in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines, regardless of the roof type and pitch that you have. It is important to remember that your roof is the most important priority to maintain because in most cases, it is the most expensive part to replace!


Classic Touch Solutions specializes in cleaning all concrete areas such as driveways, sidewalks, garage floors, pavers, flagstone, travertine, pool decks, and more. Advantages of keeping concrete clean and well maintained include reducing slip and fall accidents, greatly enhancing curb appeal by removing years of buildup of unsightly stains, and extending the life of every surface maintained.

Exterior Cleaning

Some of the exterior cleaning services provided by Classic Touch Solutions include gutter cleaning, graffiti removal, smoke, fire and vandalism restoration, pet odor removal, and even the toughest stains like rust, oil, grease, hard water, efflorescence, and list goes on!