House Washing

House Washing

We clean the exterior surfaces of your commercial or home property

House Washing Service Overview

While many home owners and business owners put great time, effort and resource into cleaning the inside of their property, we find it surprising that most put little effort into cleaning the outside. Yet it is the outside that more people ever end up seeing! As people constantly drive by, walk a pet or take a jog, visit neighbors or deliver items, hundreds of people are looking at the outside, while just a handful ever see the inside. So what gives? Why do people work so hard to clean the inside but not the outside of their home or business? Perhaps they just don’t know what people actually see on the outisde, or they feel spending extra money isn’t justified, or simply have never really thought about cleaning the outside.

Why Choose Us

At Garnett Pressure Washing, we are well aware of the importance of how things look on the outside. With an extremely affordable project that can usually be completed in one day, the appearance of a home or business can be dramatically transformed. This will result in a greater positive impression upon the public, higher property values, enhanced curb appeal for potential sales, and a greater overall sense of pride in your own investment. We will Soft Wash the exterior walls, soffits, and fascia, of your home to remove mold, mildew, algae, and other organic stains. This includes all brick, siding, and gutters. All safely accessible dirt daubers will be removed. When cleaning the exterior of your home we will not use high pressure. Our Soft Wash cleaning method will be used so as to prevent any risk of damage to your home. This also provides for a better quality and longer lasting cleaning.

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