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Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning

Commerical Services Overview

Business owners must be concerned about the message they are sending to customers, clients and tenants through the visual image of their buildings. Some of the many stains commercial properties collect through years of exposure to weather elements, wear and tear of normal use, and standard deterioration over time include: rust, grease, dirt, paint and graffiti, gum, as well as mold and mildew, and many other types of discoloration stains. These stains communicate a negative message to persons that do business with you every day as they interpret the stains with thoughts such as “they don’t care,” “I can’t believe they don’t see that,” or “I guess they don’t have enough money to get the building cleaned.”

Why Choose Us

At Garnett Pressure Washing, your business is our business! We are in the business of helping other businesses and commercial property owners keep their buildings looking fresh, clean and well maintained. In fact, with our regularly scheduled cleaning maintenance plan, customers, clients and tenants will never have those negative thoughts and messages running through their minds. Instead, they will see your building and interpret the professional and first class image with thoughts such as: “This place always looks so great” or “I’m so glad they maintain this property with such a pristine look all year long.” A freshly cleaned and pristine building speaks volumes about the stability, success and solidarity of your company! It communicates some of your own core values such as trust, integrity, and commitment to excellence. These are also values that Garnett Pressure Washing stands for and is known by.

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