We do exterior cleaning for residential property

Residential Service Overview

Your home is most likely your most valuable asset, regardless of your neighborhood, the size or location, or the kind of structure it is. Homes in the Florida panhandle come in all shapes and colors, with a wide variety of exterior surfaces. Whatever the shape, size, color, or surface type, every house must be washed every one to two years. Brick, Hardie Plank, Vinyl, Metal Siding, Stucco, Dryvit, EIFS, and Wood are just a few of the surfaces that Garnett Pressure Washing specializes in cleaning. Every home in Florida is susceptible to algae, mold and mildew growth on the exterior surfaces. In addition, cob webs, dirt daubers, and other organic stains can be safely cleaned and removed with our house washing service. Leaving these stains unchecked will create negative visual impressions for you and your neighbors, and will adversely affect the property value of your home over time.

Why Choose Us

Garnett Pressure Washing knows what it takes to clean every exterior surface of your property. We always ensure our projects are carried out within manufacturer’s guidelines, and with appropriate equipment and care using Soft Wash cleaning methods that will not result in damage to your home. We stand behind our work and will return when necessary to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with the job we do. We are convinced that the visual results will be so dramatic that you’ll want to share it with family and friends, and perhaps your neighbors will arrange for the same service on their home as well. We will schedule the project at a convenient time for you and your family so that the routine in your home can be as uninterrupted as possible.

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